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In the Digital world, Customer is Brand Cautious and Price sensitive. Gain the mindshare with deals that can go viral in the digital world. increases the possibility of Customer Acquisition and Sales completion through its innovative Deal Discovery and Cashback management platform. platform is an innovative AI-powered Campaign management and Deal discovery platform which understands the customers priorities, engages with them and customizes the deals accordingly providing a unique experience across multiple shopping channels with added advantage of co-promotion along with partner banks, institutions and corporates.

Connect your brand appeal with the customer's need and reach the right customer through

Targeting your brands promotional content through AI enabled engine helps in improving customer engagement and transaction conversions.

The customer demographic analysis coupled with predictive behaviour analytics helps in predicting the customer choices and accordingly pushes only the deals that the Customer is most likely to purchase.

Predictive Customer Behaviour use AI enabled intelligence for customer demographic analysis and behaviour prediction enabling personalized deals for customers. Our in-house developed AI model helps in time series forecasting to predict the impact of campaigns on sales using techniques like clustering and logistical regression.

Our analytical engine using RFM clustering creates the customer persona that is cleaned for prediction of most likely purchases including likely category and products. This analysis is also backed by the customers demographics analysis thus predicting to certain extent of likely buying behaviour.

Personalised Brand Visibility

Our Brand communication engine develops relevant communication content for personalized campaigns with the objective of delivering no nonsense communication.

Personalised Communication communicates with customers using creates personalized SMS, emails, Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Web-notification, Twitter and Global Ad Network to enabling brands to offer personalization communication leading to sales.

We also identify the best engaging communication channel for our customers basis their engagement and increase the selected product / brand visibility at an appropriate time predicted by our AI/ML engine.